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#RSS 2.0 RSS .92 Atom 1.0 Bull Strength - Develop INSANE Real World

Bull Strength

Who Else Wants to Learn The Secrets To

Building MASSIVE Real World Strength?

The problem is most people do not know how! Athletes will get a summer
program from their coach and its leg extensions, leg pressing, and
machine exercises. You follow the program to the letter but you don't
make any real gains. You go back to play your sport and now you are
weaker than before from a poor training program. The problem is, the

Do You Want to CRUSH Your Competition?

The Solution is Easy! Incorporate The Hard Core, Real World, Bull Strength
Exercises Found in This Manual!

You Are About To Discover Bull Strength's Unique and Proven Techniques That
Will Have You Dominating Opponents In No Time!

Tired of going to the gym religiously and not seeing huge results?

Results can be achieved if you know the right exercises and program!
There is a specific science to exercise selection and creation. It is
nearly impossible to just head into the gym and expect big results
without a developed program! Bull Strength will lay everything out for
you in an easily understand template.

After using the Bull Strength program you will know:

The importance of real world strength

How great it feels to be freakishly strong.

That an average gym can be turned into a muscle factory

That basic gym equipment can be used in crazy ways to develop
crushing strength.

And much, much more!


What the heck is Bull Strength?

"Bull Strength" is a concept that was taught to me very young. Growing
up, my father was a hard working furnace man. Through middle school and
high school I spent most of my weekends working in basements, hauling
pipe around, carrying boilers down steps, and much more. It was hard
manual labor, but I do not regret a moment of it.

During that time I played football, basketball, and baseball. The
strength I gathered from performing the labor when I was younger helped
me excel at each sport, earn local and state awards, and earn a
Division 1AA college scholarship for football.

One of my high school football coaches was amazed by the strength my
brothers and I demonstrated. He couldn't believe the "Bull Strength,"
as he called it, that we possessed at a young age!

After graduating college and getting much more under the bar
experience, I realized it was time to share some of my secrets. I took
my real world experiences, coupled with extensive training knowledge
and athletic success, and created the Bull Strength program!

Here is a small sample of what you will get when you download Bull Strength:

small_asterisk_web Bull Strength Program and Template for easy use.

small_asterisk_web Sport considerations for every athlete.

small_asterisk_web Unique and proven upper body training.

small_asterisk_web Leg blasting lower body lifts.

small_asterisk_web 40 pages of crazy core ripping exercises with

small_asterisk_web Finishing exercises to push you to the limit.

small_asterisk_web Crushing grip training ideas and exercises

small_asterisk_web Never heard of competitive training techniques to
shatter records and plateaus.

small_asterisk_web All tolled 250 pages of high quality, highly useful

This 8th Grader Added OVER 40 lbs of Muscle! So Can You!


"I don't know about you, but I have zero time and tolerance
for books and training 'systems' that fill you with fluff and still
leave you feeling empty inside. Look, if you simply want a hard core
training TEMPLATE along with no BS exercises that produces nothing but
ass-kicking results - you need to get your paws on a copy of Joe's Bull
Strength Manual!"

Elliott Hulse HulseStrength


"Joe Hashey is a outstanding new coach to emerge on the
performance enhancement scene. His new manual Bull Strength is a
excellent example of his in the trenches experience. He's one of the
few coaches I'll turn to now and in the future when it comes to
discussing ways to maximize athletic performance. If you're serious
about taking your athletes to the next level this is a must have
training resource for your library."

AJ Roberts hardcorestrengthcoach


"The Bull Strength Manual is the style of training that can
make anyone strong as Hell, period. There is not fancy lingo or
complicated training methods in an effort to complicate the training
which makes this manual that much more powerful. Simple yet brutally
effective, that's what works in the REAL world!"

Zach Even - Esh ZachEven-Esh


Personally couldn't wait for the Bull Strength manual to come
out. Literally as soon as it did I bought it in hopes of something new
to add to my knowledge base. I soon realized I was in for more then I
ever expected. Bull Strength is a comprehensive look at REAL world
strength. It lays out training programs for you and shows you how to
make your own with the exercises provided. What manual out there gives
you the programs....yes program'S. It doesn't take magic to get
stronger, but tried and true methods to achieve the gains in strength
and size you desire. Joe gives you several different ways to train
using his method. What I like most is he throws in some grip strength
training. Not very many people do that, I believe you must complete
your athletes with some grip training when your trying to build the
Ultimate Athlete. This is a must read for all trainers and experienced

Bill Long, USAW - Body By Long


I just bought Bull Strength, and wow...am I blown away! Just
when I thought I knew something, this ebook comes along and shows me
how much I have to learn. This is a GREAT resource for anyone, thanks
for making it available!

Your training split is something I have never thought of, I am excited
to try it next week! Have you ever thought of calling your company
"Bull Strength" that's a pretty sick logo!

Matt Phelps, MS, CSCS - Phelps Training Systems -

Want A Glimpse?

Bull Strength Athlete Training from Joe Hashey on Vimeo.

Still not convinced?

Check out Mike "The Machine" Bruce's testimonial!
(Mike received a pre-release copy when it was originally going to be
Bull Training.)

Bull Strength also comes with a great BONUS!

Max Shank, a trainer at RKC that focuses on combat athletes, lays out great
training exercises you can perform with just stones!



And You will get Bull Strength AND the bonus Max Shank's Real Stone Lifting
for the price of $109.97 $47.97

This manual is great for athletes, lifters, strength coaches, and
anyone else who loves fitness! Reap the benefits of the Bull Strength
program today! Once you get Bull Strength and put it into practice, let
me know how it is going! I can't wait to hear how the manual is being
applied. Send along pictures of you or your athletes performing the
exercises and I will add them to the Synergy Athletics site!



About The Author


This program isn't developed in a lab, this is true under the bar
experience. Joe Hashey is a Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist through the NSCA. He played Division 1AA college football at
Colgate University and got hooked on the iron. Since college Joe has
trained with powerlifters from Westside, Olympic lifting coaches,
underground strength experts, NFL athlete trainers, Division I college
strength coaches, and many other elite level trainers. Joe owns Synergy
Athletics, and trains athletes at multiple levels.

All This Experience Has Led To The Development of BULL STRENGTH!



Joe Hashey, CSCS

Owner of Synergy Athletics

Author - Straight To The Bar

Contributor - EliteFTS

Member of the Diesel Crew Strength Team


Check Out Our Strength Training Blog at Synergy-Athletics

Bull Strength is packed with amazing training ideas, don't
miss out!
The sale price of $109.97 $47.97 is absolutely for a limited

Copyright 2009 BullStrength. All rights reserved. | Web development
by jonhuther

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